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Gov. Website Open Information Announcement

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Unit name:Gov. Website Open Information Announcement

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  • Gov. Website Open Information Announcement
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Taoyuan Sunlight Arena Government Website Open Information Announcement.

  • Authorization Method & Scope
    In order to facilitate the public to better utilize the website information, all of Taoyuan Sunlight Arena’s (hereinafter referred to as the Arena) publicly posted information and materials that are protected under copyright provisions may be reauthorized for public use without cost in a non-exclusive manner. The users are not limited to time and by region to reproduce, adapt, edit, publicly transmit or utilize with other methods, and as well as to develop various products or services (herein known as derivations). This authorization will not be retracted hereafter, and the users do not have to acquire any written or other methods of authorization from the Arena. However, when using it, the user should state the source.
  • Information on Related Items
    • The authorized scope is only within the scope protected under copyright. It does not include other intellectual property rights, including but not limited to the provision of patents, trademarks, and Arena’s logo.
    • Whether or not the said person’s actively publicized or legally required publicized personal information can be collected, processed, or utilized, the user must follow the related provisions based on the Personal Information Protection Act and plan to execute the related measures required by law.
    • For some videos, photos, sheet music, and contracted case writings, the Website by law could only act as public publication, and hence the information and materials specifically stated by the Arena with approval duly obtained before use, do not apply to the scope of applicability.
    • After using the information and material provided by this authorization, one should not maliciously alter its related information. If edited and the reworked information does not match the original, the user is liable for civil and criminal legal responsibilities.
  • The website’s authorization does not authorize the user to represent the Arena’s recommendation, approval, or agreement with the status of the added derivatives.

Handling Procedures for Copyright Infringement

  • The Arena values all copyright and protects copyright pursuant to “Copyright Statement,” “Copyright Act,” and other regulations. All are prohibited from engaging in conduct that will infringe the copyright of others.
  • If you (copyright owner, ownership, or exclusively authorized licensee) believe that the content of the Arena Website infringes your rights or violate the laws of the Copyright Act, the Arena shall handle by the following procedures:
    • Notice to the Arena
      Please fill out the “Notice of Copyright Infringement” and send it to the Arena via fax or e-mail (scanned to electronic form.” Digital signature will not be accepted.
    • Immediate Removal
      If the “Notice of Copyright Infringement” does not require supplementary documents (please refer to Supplementary Documents), the Arena shall initially determine if the content is in concern of infringement or violation according to the information provided by you and the Arena shall remove content from the website first. However, the Arena shall retain and store the relevant data from removal (Article 90-10 of Copyright Act).
    • Transfer of notice to users suspected of infringement (hereinafter referred to as users)
      The Arena shall transfer the contact information provided by you (name, e-mail, telephone number, and fax) to the user and request he/she to contact and communicate with you over the disputes (Item 2, Article 90-4 of Copyright Act).
    • User Objection
      If the user does not believe in the infringement of copyright, he/she shall fill out the “Notice of Objection to Infringement of Copyright” to the Arena. If the “Notice of Objection to Infringement of Copyright” does not require supplementary documents (please refer to Supplementary Documents), the Arena shall transfer the content of objection and contact information (name, telephone number, and e-mail) to you. You will be required to submit the evidence of litigation against the users (including the triplicate form of crime report filed) in 10 working days from the second day of receiving notice from Arena, or else the Arena shall re-upload by user request in 14 working days from the second day of notice to you (Article 90-9 of Copyright Act).
  • Other Instructions:
    • Commission for filing infringement of objection notice
      When commissioned to submit the “Notice of Copyright Infringement” or “Notice of Objection to Copyright Infringement,” the proxy shall concurrently claim the commission by the related party ownership, or exclusively authorized licensee), in addition, to indicate the name or title of the related party.
    • Notice for Supplementary Documents
      ● If the “Notice of Copyright Infringement” or “Notice of Objection to Copyright Infringement” contains incomplete content, the Arena shall notify for supplementary documents in 5 working days from the second day of receiving the notice.
      ● The related party or proxy shall submit the supplementary documents in 5 working days from the second day of receiving the notice. Any incomplete or expired supplementary documents shall be deemed as non-submission of “Notice to Copyright Infringement” or “Notice of Objection to Copyright Infringement.”
      ● Non-conforming notice or those without supplementary documents or with incomplete supplementary documents, may not be used as the acknowledgement of Arena for the incidents.
    • Service termination for 3 incidents of infringement. The Arena may terminate all or partial services if the user involves in infringement 3 times (Subparagraph 2, Paragraph 1, Article 90-4, Copyright Act).
    • Personal Data Protection
      The Arena values personal data protection. In the process of handling copyright infringement, the Arena does not provide your personal data or personal data fairly identifying others, except for the contact information (name, email, telephone, and fax). To obtain such information, you must report to the Criminal Investigation Division or file a criminal complaint to the District Prosecutors Office, and the Arena shall provide such information accordingly upon receiving a letter issued by the aforementioned agency.
    • Arena Contact Window: Please write directly to the suggestion mailbox.
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