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Privacy and Information Security Policy

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Unit name:Privacy and Information Security Policy

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  • Privacy and Information Security Policy
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Personal Data Security Protection Policy for Taoyuan Sunlight Arena Website

Dear Users, Taoyuan Sunlight Arena highly values your privacy. To help you understand how Taoyuan Sunlight Arena Website collects, uses, and protects your personal data, please carefully read the following information regarding the privacy and security policy of Taoyuan Sunlight Arena Website. The Policy will help you understand the policy and principles of our collection, use, and protection of users’ personal data when you use the services provided by Taoyuan Sunlight Arena Website and its extended service websites.

  • Scope of applicability
    The following privacy protection policy is applicable only to the personal data collection, use, and protection involved in using Taoyuan Sunlight Arena Website and the extended service websites (Applicable to in general, which hereby collectively addressed as Arena Website). Nonetheless, the scope does not apply to other websites linked from the search within Taoyuan Sunlight Arena Website. When you conduct activities on these websites, the privacy policy of each respective website shall apply to the protection of your personal data.
  • Means of Personal Data Collection
    The Arena may request you to provide necessary data according to the services provided. We may collect your personal data via the following means:
    • Service Application:
      When the application is required to provide personal data, the Website will request you to provide your name, identification number, phone number, e-mail, correspondence address, household registration address, and other latest personal and genuine data. You may also participate in the prize draw, competition, or marketing campaigns sponsored by other websites or agencies via the hyperlinks provided by Taoyuan Sunlight Arena Website. The respective agencies or websites via links shall be responsible for their privacy protection policy over the personal data voluntarily provided by you. The privacy policy of Taoyuan Sunlight Arena Website shall not be applicable to the measures of data processing, nor shall the Arena be held accountable for any joint and several liabilities.
    • General Browsing:
      Taoyuan Sunlight Arena Website retains the relevant LOG generated by the server when the users are browsing or making inquiries online, including the IP address of the connecting device, time of use, browsers used, and browsing and clicking data records. Taoyuan Sunlight Arena Website shall mark the browsers of individual connection users and shall attribute the websites browsed by the user’s browsers within the Arena Website. Unless you voluntarily inform your personal data, Taoyuan Sunlight Arena Website shall not and could not correspond such records with your personal data.
    • Other:
      If you write to contact Taoyuan Sunlight Arena or provide us with suggestions via other means, we will reserve such correspondence and handling records.
  • Use of Cookies and the Policy
    To provide personalized services, sometimes we use Cookies to store and trace user data at a certain time. Cookie is a short data transmitted from the website to the browser, saved in the computer hardware of users. Users can choose to modify the browser’s acceptance level to Cookies via the “Security” under “Tools-Worldwide Web Option” of IE, “Personal Privacy” under “Tools-Options” of Firefox, or “Privacy Setting” under “Tools-Option” of Chrome. Such modification may include accepting all Cookies, setting up notice from Cookies, and refusing all Cookies. If you choose to refuse all Cookies, you may not use certain personalized services or participate in some activities.
    In general, we will write and read Cookies on the users’ browsers according to the following purpose and conditions:
    • Provide better and more personalized services:
      For the convenience of participating in personalized interactive activities, Cookies will be established upon your registration or login and shall be modified upon logout.
    • Compile statistics of the number of visitors and analyze browsing modes:
      Understand the browsing situations by websites as a reference on service improvement.
    • Trace clicks on promotional advertising or participate in marketing campaigns:
      Sometimes Cookies data are written in the issuance of the e-newsletter or the marketing campaigns hosted by websites, in order to trace the involvement level and relevant data of users during the entire activity process.
  • Use of Personal Data
    Taoyuan Sunlight Arena Website does not sell, lease or exchange any of your personal data without authorization to third groups or individuals. Taoyuan Sunlight Arena Website will only share your personal data with third parties under the following conditions, based on the principles of our policy.
    • Online activities and survey:
      The name of interview respondents and identification numbers provided by Taoyuan Sunlight Arena Website will only be used as a reference for drawing activities. The telephone numbers, e-mail, address, and other information will be used to notify the drawing results of respondents, as well as analysis without other purposes of use. Other data are merely applied to service analysis or academic purposes. Unless with the content of respondent, all data are used in data analysis and Taoyuan Sunlight Arena Website shall not apply such data on to other purposes. 。
    • Statistics and Analysis:
      Taoyuan Sunlight Arena Website shall conduct internal or commissioned academic research on the number of users, interests, and behaviors according to the user registration, questionnaire survey, marketing campaigns, or server LOG documents. The research compiles statistics analysis and sorting according to the data of all users. All of our information or analysis reports disclosed shall merely apply to the analysis and announcement of the aggregate user behaviors, which will not provide the analysis report of specific individual data.
  • Data Sharing and Publication Mode
    Taoyuan Sunlight Arena Website does not sell, lease or exchange any of your personal data without authorization to third groups or individuals. Taoyuan Sunlight Arena Website will only share your personal data with third parties under the following conditions, based on the principles of our policy.
    • To provide you and other services or special offers:
      When sharing your data with the third party providing such service or special offer becomes necessary, Taoyuan Sunlight Arena Website will provide a full explanation of the activities and shall notify you prior to data collection. You will have the option to accept this special service or offer.
    • To add value to service quality, evaluate and study:
      To provide precise and quality services to users, Taoyuan Sunlight Arena shall comply with the non-disclosure agreement and compare the data of users with the third party’s data. Moreover, to introduce our services and other legitimate purposes to future partners, advertising units, and other third parties, Taoyuan Sunlight Arena Website may disclose the statistics of users under unanimity.
    • Other:
      The Website is obliged to protect the privacy and personal data of users. The Website will not voluntarily modify, delete or provide any (or part) of users' personal data and files, unless with your prior content. Exceptions may apply without your prior content or conformance with the following situations:
      ● Investigations retrieval by the Republic of China judicial department through legitimate procedures.
      ● Violating website-related regulations and resulted in threatens.
      ● In consideration of voluntary deviation of government website service benefits.
      ● Protecting the other users’ rights to legitimate use.
  • Security Protection Measures
    Since online data transmission could not be guaranteed with 100% security and in spite that Taoyuan Sunlight Arena Website tries best to protect the personal data security of users, under certain conditions, the website will use SSL security system standard to secure data transmitted. Since the data transmission process involves the benevolence of your online environment security, we could not verify or assure that the data transmitted to or received from Taoyuan Sunlight Arena Website and users may take precautions and bears the risk of online data transmission.
    If you disclose personal data that could be read by others online, you are subject to receive the advertisement or junk mail voluntarily provided by other groups. Please comprehend the consequence caused by this part as it is out of the control scope by Taoyuan Sunlight Arena website and we will not take any responsibility accordingly.
  • Amendment of Privacy and Security Protection Policy
    Taoyuan Sunlight Arena Website may modify this policy from time to time, in order to conform to the latest regulations governing privacy protection. In case we make substantial modifications to the use of personal data, we will announce it on the website and notify you of relevant matters.
  • Consultation for Privacy and Security Protection Policy
    If you have any questions regarding our privacy protection policy or the collection, use, and update of personal data, please write to the suggestion mailbox directly.
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