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The Taoyuan Sunlight Arena (TSA) in Cingpu combines with the Indigenous Cultural and Creative Park and Taiwan Indigenous Television (TITV), which would become a major base for Taiwan indigenous culture. The songs, dances and music of Taiwan indigenous peoples are mostly related their traditional festivals and TSA provides a large outdoor space which is the most suitable for the indigenous peoples to organize their rituals of worshiping and various accessible facilities of world-class concert venues, which shows that TSA will be one of the key locations for the indigenous to hold large-scale festivals in the future.

The Cultural and Creative Park offers cultural and creative products from the 16 major Taiwan indigenous peoples and there are resident craftsmen. Because Taiwan indigenous belong to the Austronesian peoples, the Park will also offers a series of exhibitions on Austronesian cultural relics from countries and regions such as Madagascar, Easter Island, New Zealand, Australia, and Oceania. In addition, the cultural and technological demonstration zone for 5G network will be established within the Park to provide the immersive experience which allows visitors to learn more about the cultures of the indigenous peoples, and even the historical warfare and so on. By adopting MR (Mixed Reality) installations, visitors could experience the traditional hunting-collecting lifestyle of the indigenous peoples in the form of game and learn about their culture in audio-visual entertainment, which is revolutionary comparing to the monotonous lecture and learning process in the past, and would create an original field where traditional culture and the latest technology coexist. The Park is not far away from Taoyuan International Airport and is expected to be a key primary site for foreign tourists to learn about the indigenous people of Taiwan.

In addition to rich media resources, TITV combines various professional studios with 5G technology and professional teams to produce and shoot a variety of high-quality films and videos, as well as movies featuring complex 3D algorithms and HD over 8K. With TSA’s unique spatial advantage, it is certain that TSA would become one of the key areas for the development of Taiwan’s film industry. The interaction between the studios and TSA, the various performances combining with XR (Extended Reality) technology, and the off-site co-performance of 3D holographic projection will inspire people’s imagination of concerts and have TSA become the top choice of locations for various international large-scale concerts and New Year's Eve activities.

  TSA is not far away from Dayuan International Senior High School, and colleges and universities such as Yuan Ze University and Chung Yuan Christian University which are well-known for the development of technology and digital music courses are located at the adjacent districts. Hence, TSA can also serve for the cultivating of technology and music talents by integrating the local development of science and technology to offer relevant courses, and allowing students to take internship to get access to the world-class top popular music and video production technology. By doing so, it is expected that TSA would establish the cornerstone for the future generations of Taiwan and enhance their competitiveness in the digitalized world.

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